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The Summer Woof Run

  • Start Date: 17th May, 2020 @ 12:00pm
  • Closing Date: 17th May, 2020 @ 3:00pm
  • Location: Brueton Park, Solihull

The ‘Woof Run’ is a muddy obstacle course for dog owners and their four-legged friends. With several courses that participants are able to choose from and with challenges like the Canine Clamber, Zigger-Zagger and the Paw-Paw, the Woof Run is a fun and entertaining event.


The Woof Run is a sponsored muddy obstacle course where humans can run/walk with their best friend (their dogs!)  through the beautiful parkland of Brueton park, Solihull. There’s several routes on offer, 1.2K, 2K or 3K, and you can choose which you take on the day!  The routes feature lots of different wet and muddy challenges for you to manoeuvre round, through, under or over, including the Canine Clamber, the Zigger-Zagger and the Paw-Paw.

Date: Sunday 17th May 2020
Times: From 12 noon to 3pm
Location: Brueton Park, Solihull.
Fee: £10 per dog.

    • Dogs will start staggered according to their size.
    • Each owner can decide which route they want to do during the actual course 2K or 3K…see how you feel.
    • The 2K course should take about 30 mins, and the 3K course about 40 mins.
    • You’ll get a magical photo certificate of you and your dog, covered in mud, crossing the finishing line.
    • Your dog will get a special WOOF RUN medal for their collar. They deserve it!
    • We cannot guarantee the weather but the summer Woof Run should be mainly dry and the Winter Woof Run mainly muddy so please dress appropriately.


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A massive St Basils thank you as well to Solihull Metropolitan Borough Council, Warwickshire Wildlife Trust & all at the Parkridge Centre and 608 Vet Practice for their help and support with this event.

Any questions please email us via

Do you want to sponsor this event?

We currently don’t have an official sponsor for this event. If you can make a financial contribution towards this event or help by donating refreshments or other items needed for this event to run then please get in touch today! Email Events Manager Steve Rainbow via or call 0121 772 9614. Thanks!



1. All participants and spectators must abide by these rules and any instructions or regulations displayed or given on the day of the event by Event Officials.

2. All participants registering must be 18 years old or over, all accompanied minors (5 to 17) and all guests, must be made aware of the nature of this event. By registering you agree that you have read the information about this event, that you understand that information, that you will abide by these terms and conditions and that you have imparted this information onto any minors and guests accompanying you.

3. At the event you will be asked to hand over your ‘signed’ disclaimer form confirming the above statement. If you do not sign this form you will not be allowed to take part in the event and no refund will be offered.

4. All participants taking part are responsible for ensuring they and their dog is medically and physically able to undergo this activity. The course involves crouching, crawling and balancing. Please see the description of the obstacles and terrain to give you an idea of the nature of the course.

5. Participants take part at their own risk and the organisers cannot be held responsible for any loss or damage to personal effects, for personal accidents or for injury or loss to third parties, other than as a result of St Basils negligence.

6. The behaviour of the dog is entirely the responsibility of the dog owner. The organisers reserve the right to stop dog walkers continuing/taking part further in the event if to do so would be potentially dangerous to other dogs/owners.

7. Participants must be in control of their dog at all times.

8. Anti social behaviour from any dog or human will not be tolerated. The organisers reserve the right to ask any individual and their dog to leave the event at any time without refund. Please make sure your dog has the temperament to be around other dogs and people.

9. There is no smoking allowed in any of the event area and only recognised ‘doggy treats’ are allowed on the actual course.

10. Entry fees are non-refundable. Please make sure you understand these terms and conditions fully before registering.


1. Only 1 dog can run at a time by the same owner and only 2 people are allowed to accompany the dog at any one time.

2. Participants will set off in 5 minute waves between 12 noon and approximately 3pm. Final start times will be sent to participants via email approximately two weeks prior to the event.

3. Entries cannot be accepted on the day to help ensure that the event is safe. We have an allocated capacity that the team must adhere to and the contact details for all participants must be held in advance in the case of an emergency.

4. Unfortunately, the course is not suitable for mobility scooters or wheelchairs.

5. For safety reasons, participants arriving late must abide by the instructions and decisions of the Event Organiser.

6. We reserve the right to reduce or alter the event course to accommodate any unexpected complications on the day that may have an impact on St Basils staff, participants, volunteers, spectators and/or dogs.

7. Deliberate damage, littering or polluting the Nature Reserve or Park site will result in an immediate removal from the site and possible criminal charges.


1. Participants must pick up after their dog – please bring poo bags with you on the day.

2. We strongly recommend that dogs are on a harness rather than a collar and must be kept on a lead at all times – please do not use a flexi-lead.

3. Participants must be in control of their dog at all times

4. One dog only, per participant. One dog per entry.

5. Positive reinforcement, such as reward based encouragement, is advised to get dogs around the course. If a dog is having problems with an obstacle then we advise the participant to simply go round it. This is a challenge, but it is also a fun day out with your four legged friend.

6. The most important thing is that dogs and humans enjoy the challenge so if a dog becomes anxious or stressed in any way we reserve the right to remove any dog from the course.

7. We advise that dogs do not eat their morning meal two hours before the challenge but are given food afterwards.

8. Owners enter themselves and their dogs at their own risk, therefore, St Basils is not liable for any injuries or harm sustained as a result of taking part in the Woof Run, including those or that caused by natural water and/or mud at the events. We will have first aid on site for humans. We will also have a vet on site for dogs but in the unlikely event of an emergency, you will need to visit either your own local, or a nearby, vets practice. Details of a nearby vets will be available on the day.

9. Please always avoid any obstacles you or your dog are uncomfortable with. We reserve the right to refuse entry to any dog or owner we do not deem to meet the specified requirements.

10. Please consider the dogs age, health, ability, and breed before registering. For example, short-nosed breeds may have more difficulty on the course and/or in the heat. Signing up is not recommended if your dog has any medical condition where over exertion is not advised. If in doubt, speak to your veterinarian for advice.

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Woof Run

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