I Live in Sandwell

Are you homeless today?

If you are homeless today please call Sandwell Metropolitan Borough Council today.

TeL: 0121 569 6000

Or out of hours please call their 24 hour response line:

TeL: 0121 569 6883

homeless within 28 days?

If you are going to find yourself homeless within the next 28 days please call Sandwell Metropolitan Borough Council who will refer you to the most appropriate service to help you depending on your circumstances. 

If you are at risk due to family conflict, family breakdown or friends/ family no longer letting you stay, then our Sandwell Family Mediation service can help and the council will refer you back to us. 

A Mediator will:

  • Ø Work with you if you are still living at home to resolve conflict
  • Ø Help you return home or arrange a short term return until alternative accommodation can be found
  • Ø Help to improve relationships with people who are important to you when you have left home

St Basils Family Mediation Service offers:

  • Ø One to one meetings
  • Ø Family meetings
  • Ø One to one support (when required)
  • Ø Advocacy on your behalf
  • Ø Signposting to specialist Agencies

Referrals are taken through Sandwell Metropolitan Borough Council. 

TEL: 0121 569 6000

Need advice or support?

If you're looking for some advice or support for yourself or someone you know, please call Sandwell Metropolitan Borough Council on the number below within normal office hours. 

TEL: 0121 569 6000