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xmas shoebox appeal: some gift idea suggestions

If you already have ideas as to what you'd like to put in your gift bags/ wrapped shoeboxes then that's wonderful! Perhaps you have family the same age or remember what you wanted at that age. 

However for those of you who are a bit stuck and in response to some calls we've had, we've compiled the below list based on what some of our young residents have said are the sorts of things they would appreciate. However these are just suggestions and it's up to you how many items you include per box and how much you spend on new items (just try to ensure there is a similar distribution between the boxes you donate to a project). 

Either way it will mean the world to our young people to know that someone out there is thinking of them!

Young people aged 16-25:

  • Pair of colourful or patterned socks/ slipper socks
  • Toy/ hot water bottles
  • Picture frames
  • Puzzles 
  • Small items of make up - such as an eye shadow/ a lipstick
  • Moisturing products such as lipsalves/ handcream
  • Gloves
  • Scarves
  • Mini umbrellas
  • Small items of colourful stationery
  • Small bags of sweets
  • Small bags of cadbury chocolates/ chocolate coins
  • Mini perfume/ aftershave set
  • Mini toiletries set
  • Nailclippers set
  • Fold-up brush/ mirrors/ combs
  • Coasters
  • Bracelets/ pendants
  • keyrings

Babies and toddlers:

  • Plastic/ cardboard books
  • teethers
  • Baby Brush/ comb set
  • Baby socks/ hats
  • Toys 0-6 months/ 6-12 months/ 12-24 months

Please don't include: Alcohol or anything sharp.