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Charity of the Year

these companies have made st basils their 'charity of the year' for 2019:

These companies have made us their ‘Charity of the year’ this year. This means they have committed to helping us in a number of different ways through-out the year and will be taking part in a number of our fundraising events as well as organising their own events to raise funds for us.

In no particular order they are:

Why make st basils your charity of the year?

  • A member of our fundraising team will work closely with you to develop a programme of fundraising and volunteering activities that suits your company. 
  • We have a full calandar of events which gives your staff something fun to get involved in every month, strenthening team relationships in a different context.
  • Your staff will benefit from delivering a successful programme of support for something outside of their 'normal' working remit. 
  • Your company will help make a positive and lasting difference to the lives of the thousands of young people we work with each year.
  • Working with us brings to your business lasting benefits such as staff to engaging with a different work dynamic, increasing staff motivation and morale.
  • Supporting us enables you to build on your positive reputation as a socially responsible company.
  • We will promote your partnership with us via our website and all of our social media platforms, which gives your company tangible proof of the good work you do. 


Choose us!

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