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Do something different for one night


do something different

The idea is simple. You do something different for one night and raise some money for St Basils. It can be anything, however small, and by doing this one thing you are ensuring that a young person doesn't have to sleep on the streets. The more you raise the more young people we can help. Simple as that! You can do it at any time of the year, individually or in a group, raise £1 or £1,000 it doesn't matter. Every bit helps towards the prevention of youth homelessness.

If you let us know what you're doing and send us a photo we can share it.

Here are some ideas of what people are doing different for one night:
Dusk till Dawn Pyjama party
Midnight walk
All night cinema show
Washing up after dinner (believe me, for some people this is doing something different)
Evening car wash
Midnight Zumba session
All Night sponsored silence
Evening dinner party
VW camper van sleepout rally
Bowling tournement
A Night In (and donating the money you would have spent going out)
Flood-lite football tournement
Your own SleepOut event

The list is endless and as long as it's safe and legal you can do anything you like. Let us know about it at