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About Sleepout's and Terms & Conditions

everyone wishing to take part in a St Basils Sleepout event must read the Terms
and Conditions on this page first before registereing.

if you are registering other people to take part in this event you must ensure that they also read the terms and conditions on this page.

The St Basils SleepOut started in 1990 and the principle behind it was and still is very simple; People volunteer to 'rough it' for a night so that sponsorship money can be raised to help prevent youth homelessness; in short to prevent young people from having to do this for real. This event is not an exercise in 'what it's like to be homeless', it is a fundraising event that helps raise awareness of homeless issues to the wider community and raise money to help prevent it happening in the first place.

Sleeping Out: Upon arrival we will give you a large cardboard box and a large plastic bag. This is your emergency shelter for the night, but you can bring additional cardboard to make more of your dwelling. You will be sleeping rough outside, so be prepared with warm waterproof clothes, sleeping bags and anything else to make your sleep comfortable. But please bring don't bring any wood!

Times: Most St Basils Sleepout events start at 6pm and go on all through the night until 6am the next morning. Entry to all St Basils SleepOut events are between 6pm and 11pm. No admission is allowed after 11pm unless via pre-arrangement with the St Basils SleepOut Team.

Facilities: Toilets are available all night. First Aiders are present for the duration of the event. If at any point you need to leave then please have enough money with you to get yourself home. Food and Drink are available up to 11pm. So if you wish to eat food after this please bring some snacks. A free breakfast is available after 5.30am.

Security: Bags are searched at the entrance by paid security. No alcohol or drugs are permitted on site. Security patrol the site all night.

Animals: Not dogs or pets of any kind are allowed at these events.

Creative Cardboard Competition: This is a prize that we give to what we judge to be the ‘best’ dwelling created on the night.

Presentation: Between 10pm and 11.30pm St Basils give a brief talk about what we do and then the winner of the Creative Cardboard Completion is announced.

Sponsorship: St Basils SleepOut events are FREE and designed so that you can participate in a fun but challenging event whilst raising money for St Basils. The easiest way to do this is by sponsorship and donations. So don't forget to tell everyone you are doing this to help you raise as much as you can. Sponsor forms will be sent to you after you have registered and you can easily set up an online giving page. The sponsorship target is £150 and it is a rough guide to give you something to aim for. We do understand that students/teenagers in particular may struggle to raise this. Other people may raise far more which is fantastic!

Certificate:  A Certificate of Achievement will be sent out to all who take part! You will have earned it!


i)       Terms & Conditions. Anyone wishing to take part in this event MUST read these terms and conditions first. If you are coordinating other people to attend you must make sure they all read these Terms & Conditions. 

ii)      Registration refusal. When you regsiter to take part in a St Basils sleepout it is a 'Registration of Interest' to take part and does not guarantee you a place. St Basils reserves the right to rufuse registration to anyone (individual or group) wishing to take part. All people completing the registration form must be over 18 yearss of age.

iii)       Fundraising. This is a fundraising event and every place taken costs St Basils money, therefore we do expect everyone to raise money for us to help prevent youth homelessness. If you don't think you will be able to raise money via sponsorship please don't register. If you have taken part in this event before and did not raise money for us then the likelyhood is that we will refuse your regsiration.

iv)      Signing the Terms & Conditions section. Every 'Entry Ticket' contains the TERMS & CONDITIONS section for you to agree to and everyone MUST sign this section. Failure to do this will result in them NOT entering or taking part in the event. 

v)       Own risk. All individuals taking part in a St Basils SleepOut event are responsible for ensuring they are mentally and physically able to undergo this activity. Participants take part at their own risk and the organisers cannot be held responsible for any loss or damage to personal effects, for personal accidents or for injury or loss to third parties, other than as a result of St Basils negligence.

 vi)      Age requirements. The minimum age for participation in this event is 5 years old. If a person is between the age of 5 and 17 then a responsible adult must register them, at the event sign the disclaimer form on their behalf and take full responsibility for this person for the duration of the event. Groups that have under 18 year olds must observe the minimum requirements which is 1 adult to 3 under 18's at all times. It is entirley the reponcibility of the person regsietering to ensure that very young people are aware of the nature of the event and to ensure that they are phyisically and mentally able to safely take part.

vii)      Groups. We will only accept a maximum of 20 people from a company/school/organisation/group. 

viii)      This is an alcohol and drug free eventBAGS WILL BE CHECKED BY SECURITY BEFORE ENTRY.
If you are seen using alcohol it will be confiscated. If you are seen using illegal drugs the police will be called. In both cases you may be asked to leave the event and the organisers reserve the right to ask anyone to leave the event. 

 ix)     Disruption/Anti Social Behaviour. The deliberate disruption to other people’s dwellings, use of obscene language or unruly behaviour will not be tolerated. If you are witnessed doing such things the organisers reserve the right to ask you to leave the event regardless of the time. Quiet! After Midnight people do start to try and sleep. Please keep conversation as quiet as possible. Security is constantly patrolling all areas throughout the night to ensure the safety of those taking part.

 x)    Getting home. St Basils cannot take responsibility for the safe conduct of participants travelling to and from this event. You will have to make your own arrangements regarding travel. The event finishes at 6am on the following morning, but anyone is free to leave whenever they want. So please have alternative means of getting home arranged or bring enough money to get yourself home in a taxi should you wish to leave before the end.

xi)    Event cancelation. St Basils reserve the right to cancel the event due to any unforseen citrcumstances (ie) bad weather or potential harm to the particpants. If this happens we will endevour to give you as much notice as possible and reschedule the event for a later date. It is always worth checking the event page 24 hours before the event. We are guided in this desicion by reports from the Met Office. If there is an AMBER weather warning issued by the Met Office 24 hours before the event the likleyhood is that we will cancel the event, so please keep looking at the webpage beforehand.

xii)  Use of images. To help us promote this event professional photographers will be photographing and filming people taking part. If you do not want your image used then please take a NO PHOTOGRAPHS sticker at the start of the event and clearly display it. You understand and agree that it is your responcibility to obtian this sticker so that we can easily identify who does not want their image used.


For any more information about any of the St Basils Sleepout events please contact the St Basils Fundraising team at:  or phone  0121 772 9614. Thank you.