Next years walk will take place on Saturday 23rd June 2018 around the Offa's Dyke/Black Mountains/Hay-on-Wye area. After the succes of last years event we are offering again 3 different walk routes which all start and finish from Hay-on-Wye school. The distances between Check Points (CP) have been calculated by using STRAVA.

(S) Short walk route is approx 6.3 miles (10.1 km) and goes from Start>CP1 then CP1>Finish.

(M) Medium walk route is approx12.2 miles (19.7 km) and goes from Start>CP1, then CP1>CP4, CP4>CP6 and CP6>Finish.

(L) Long wlak route is approx 22.8 miles (36.8 km) and goes from Start>CP1, CP1>CP2, CP2>CP3, CP3>CP4, CP4>CP5, CP5>CP6 and CP6>Finish.

Start>CP1 (L,M,S)

CP1>CP2 (L)

CP2>CP3 (L)

CP3>CP4 (L)

CP4>CP5 (L)

CP5>CP6 (L)

CP6>Finish (L,M)

CP1>CP4 (M)

CP4>CP6 (M)

CP1>Finish (S)