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Walk Fun Hall of Fame

We've created a Walk 'Hall of Fame' for all those teams that have put in a little bit of extra effort over the years to make St Basils Walk even more fun! 


This guy was part of the fastest team around in 2013. Very well done PwC. Super Heroes indeed.

Actually all our Walkers are Super Heroes... but this team took it the extra mile, quite literally! :)

Perhaps they were inspired by this group from Eversheds the year before in 2012.
We were particularly impressed that these outfits were still very much exercise friendly!

As were these! Here is team 'Where's Gateley'. Ingenious outfits - we loved this idea! 

And we loved these JML Minions too...they kept their outfits on even though they were a bit toasty in Jeggings... still smiling though!

And here's another Gateley entry. Well done James Baty! Not sure what happended to the rest of Queen though?
Well done for going it alone!

It's not fancy dress but we loved the matching T-shirts and the fact that this team carried round a picture of their friend on a stick because she couldn't make it!

More great T-shirts and/or poses here:

(They're doing the 'mobot' in case you're wondering). 

(And great matching T-shirts this and every year from BHSF - long time supporters of the Walk)

More great T-shirt designs from staff at Veolia  

And SGH Martineau who usually also put in several teams

Great pose girls. You can't fail to crack a smile :)

And we've got to include our own staff in on this too! Great and highly appropriate pose. Love it!

Here's something a little different...but we loved this too. Here's Tony from team 'Cadbury Mobiles' celebrating 10 years of the Walk by wearing a special badge he'd made incorporating some of his other Walk badges...and he's been back since too.


That's all folks!

What wonderful characters will we have this year we wonder? More (literal) Super Heroes perhaps? This is one of our flatest walks ever so a good one to consider some sort of fancy dress!

Look forward to seeing you there!

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