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Terms and Conditions

St Basils Annual Walk Challenge Terms and Conditions

1 For the LONG and MEDIUM Walk route challenge the minimum age for participation in this event is 5 years old. If a person aged 5 to18 is taking part then a responsible adult (someone over 18) must register them, at the event sign the disclaimer form on their behalf and take full responsibility for this person for the duration of the event. There is no age restriction for people taking part in the SHORT route challenge but anyone under the age of 18 must be accompanied by an adult.

2 All individuals taking part in the St Basils Walk are responsible for ensuring they are medically and physically able to undergo this activity.

3 Participants take part at their own risk and the organisers cannot be held responsible for any loss or damage to personal effects, for personal accidents or for injury or loss to third parties, other than as a result of St Basils negligence.

4 At the event you will be asked to sign next to your name on the declaimer form. By signing this disclaimer form you are agreeing that you understand what the event contains and to take part in the event in accordance with these terms and conditions. If you do not sign this form you will not be allowed to take part in the event and no refund will be offered.

5 Teams should have a minimum of three people.  (This is for basic safety.  If one walker is injured there ideally will be one team member to stay with the injured party and one to continue to the next Check Point where help can be summoned). 

6 A team walking behind schedule should contact the organisers for advice, either by telephone or by seeking advice from a Marshal. Any team or individual forced to retire should if possible do so at a staffed Check Point from where transport will be provided back to Event HQ.  Everyone who retires must report in person to the Check-In Desk at the Finish Point and have their wrist band removed by a marshal.

7 The distances quoted in all literature pertaining to this walk are estimates and rounded up to the nearest half mile. Essentially they are calculated with a knotted piece of string and an OS map. We try to make each walk as close to a half and full marathon distance as we can, but we also allow for accents, descents and general terrain when estimating the overall distance and therefore we crave your forgiveness if the distances stated don’t exactly match your ‘sat navs’. 

8  At least two mobile phones must be carried by a walking team and it is your responsibility to provide these. It is vital that the organisers know your whereabouts at the end of the day.  If anyone is ‘posted missing’ rescue services will be alerted. False alarms can incur financial cost and could endanger someone in a genuine emergency!

9 The organisers reserve the right to stop walkers continuing if to do so would be potentially dangerous, (eg severe weather, onset of darkness). Anyone who then decides to continue will do so at their own risk.

10 All participants must obey The Country Code and the Laws and Bye-Laws of England and Wales as stated below and adhere to designated rights of way on tracks and paths on the route.

11 Whilst the organisers cannot prevent anyone from failing to comply with the above rules and safety requirements specified elsewhere in this publication from undertaking the Challenge, they reserve the right to disown or withdraw support from any offenders.