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The Board has two committees to assist in its duties;

- the Business Support and Audit committee

- the Service Delivery and Development committee 

 The Board may also establish ad hoc committees for detailed reviews or consideration of particular topics to be proposed for the approval of the Board.

Members of the committees are all Directors drawn from the Board itself. The committee Members are appointed by the Members of the Board. Each committee has up to a maximum of 10 Members, of which up to 8 may be Board Members and 2 places are for co-optees. Consideration is given to the desires, skills and characteristics of individual Directors.


business Support committee MEMBERSHIP

Chris Miller (Chair)

Fr. Adam Romanis

Jean Templeton

Chris Todd

Kyle Palmer

Helen Bates (Co-opt committee only)


Service Delivery and Development committee MEMBERSHIP

Maddy Bunker (Chair)

Jean Templeton

Chris Todd

Fr. Adam Romanis

Feizal Hajat OBE

Steve Guyon OBE

Thelma Zunzanyika


*The Chair of the Board Sara Fowler is ex-officio on all committees.