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The Board has two sub-committees to assist in its duties;

- the Business Support-Sub-committee (also known as the Audit Sub-committee) 

- the Service Delivery and Development Sub-committee 

 The Board may also establish ad hoc sub-committees for detailed reviews or consideration of particular topics to be proposed for the approval of the Board.

Members of the sub-committees are all Directors drawn from the Board itself. The sub-committee Members are appointed by the Members of the Board. Each sub-committee has up to a maximum of 10 Members, of which up to 8 may be Board Members and 2 places are for co-optees. Consideration is given to the desires, skills and characteristics of individual Directors.


business Support Sub-committee MEMBERSHIP

David Leigh (Chair)

Jean Templeton

Sara Fowler

John Parr


Service Delivery and Development Sub-committee MEMBERSHIP

Amelia McCann (Chair)

Jean Templeton

Maddy Bunker

David Leigh

Chris Miller

Pat Brown-Richards


*The Chair of the Board Sara Fowler is ex-officio on all sub-committees.