Supported Lodgings

St Basils Home2Home team run both our Supported Lodgings and Nightstop schemes. The Supported Lodgings schemes are operational in Birmingham, Solihull, Worcestershire and  Coventry. Our Nightstop scheme operates in Birmingham, Solihull and Coventry. We also provide accommodation for other local authorities.

Supported Lodgings Home2Home scheme

Home2Home aims to help young people who are vulnerable but low risk to make that final step to independence. The scheme is for young people generally aged 16 to 18, although the service can be offered to over 18s in certain circumstancces.  We recruit ‘Hosts’ from all walks of life who have a spare room and want to make a difference to vulnerable young people by providing accommodation and support within their home for an agreed amount of time.

Due to leaving care or other issues, these young people don’t yet have the necessary knowledge and skills to live on their own successfully.  

The scheme aims to recruit Hosts who can provide encouragement and guidance to enable them to develop the practical skills and confidence needed to make the leap to independent living. This means they can move on in a planned way, thus helping to prevent ‘crisis’ situations and homelessness.

In return Hosts receive a weekly financial contribution and a support package which includes training with other Hosts.

Checks and a thorough matching service are carried out for both the Host and Young Person and both also receive onging support from our staff for the duration of their stay which can be anything from a few months up to two years.

Research shows that particularly vulnerable young people are more likely to make the step to independent living successfully if they are linked in with the community and local support networks and this is what home2home aims to achieve. Young people living with a Host in the local community also escape much of the stigma sometimes associated with living in a supported accommodation project ('hostel').

Supporting a young person to independent living is all about helping the young person gain in confidence, plan for the future, supporting them to register with the local GP or set up a bank account and teaching them the basics of living independently. 

No formal qualifications are required and anyone who has a spare room and think they could help and guide a young person to independent living should consider applying. Contact us to find out more! 

could your new job be as a home2home supported lodgings Host? - apply now!  Email the Home2HOme team

For an informal chat about becoming a Supported Lodgings Host please contact Manager Yvette John on 0121 772 2483 Ext 1193 or Co-ordinator Mark Kwabia on Ext 1188 or email for more information.

NightStop Scheme

The Vision for Nightstop is that no young person should sleep in an unsafe place, ever.

"Hosts" in the local community can also help us ensure young people in crisis have somewhere safe to stay! Nightstop Hosts provide emergency accommodation on a night by night basis and can claim up to £25 per night for expenses.

Nightstop Hosts need to have a spare room and allow access to their shower and washing machine to enable a young person to freshen up if they need to. It is hoped that Nightstop Hosts will also provide a hot meal to the young person.

Become a nightstop host

If you are interested in becoming a Nightstop Host please contact Manager Yvette John on 0121 772 2483 Ext 1193 or Co-ordinator Mark Kwabia on Ext 1188 or email for more information.


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