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Success Stories

Here some of our current or recent residents explain in their own words how St Basils helped them.


When I was 15 I moved to live with my Grandad and then became his primary carer for a number of years, but in the end it just proved too stressful for me and I found myself considering suicide. That’s when I realised I needed to get help. I approached a number of housing organisations in Redditch, Worcs and St Basils was the one I heard back from. I came to see the room and took it that same day".

"I was nervous because I knew the place would be full of people I didn’t know and didn’t have the confidence to get to know...".

"Things started to change when I got Dee as a Support Worker. It was Dee that got through to me. She didn’t give up". 

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“I first needed St Basils when my sister got evicted from her property and she came back to my mum’s house with all her four children, so it was just really overcrowded and there just wasn’t any room for me anymore.

I was housed in Edmonds Court Foyer in Small Heath, Birmingham and I really like it there. It’s nice to have the support if you need it but you can live pretty independently as well.

The Learning, Skills and Work staff at Edmonds Court put on a number of workshops including Interview skills, Employability and Mental Skills Training. I got involved with whatever was going on...."

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“I became homeless aged 20 and lived at one of St Basils' semi-independent projects in Bartley Green, Birmingham in 2013-14."

"St Basils was there for me at a time of need, they helped me to get back on my feet and to make progress. They helped my whole wellbeing. More problems would have come from being homeless, if I hadn’t have had that support".

"I got really involved with St Basils Youth Council and it was really good actually!"

"It gave me direction and the sense that my input could make a difference and that gave me the confidence to pitch ideas...."

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