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PRS and Landlords Service


St Basils Rewriting Futures team works with young people aged between 18 & 25 to access  accommodation; access education; and gain employment. Rewriting Futures works across the West Midlands. Each support team works with each young person to reach their potential and achieve their goals.

We have a designated 'Home Finder' who will liaise with Landlords and answer any queries. 

rewriting futures: Private rental scheme (PRS) service

We liaise with landlords direct, dealing with any queries.

We support landlords by ensuring tenants understand their tenancies, rights and obligations. We support landlords and tenants to resolve disputes.

We offer a guarantee bond as deposit and support tenants to maintain their new home, save money and live independently.

We also support each young person to obtain furniture if needed, to set up their new home. Each young person also enrols on the St Basils accredited Life Skills course which covers modules such as Developing Skills for Independent Life; Personal Budgeting & Money Management amongst others.


  • Reduced void periods due to swift lets.
  • Direct support from the Rewriting Futures Home Finder who will respond to queries fast and keep you updated with progress.
  • Support when ending a tenancy if necessary.
  • Your tenants will be in receipt of additional support to ensure they are able to sustain their tenancies.
  • Peace of mind, knowing that regular tenancy and property checks are carried out to ensure things are running smoothly.
  • We will liaise with the Housing Benefit team to ensure the applications are assessed efficiently as well as requesting direct payments to landlords.
  • Financial security with our guarantee bond in place of a cash deposit. This will cover damages and rent loss but unlike a cash deposit, you will not have to protect this with any tenancy deposit protection (TDP) schemes.

What will landlords receive from us?

  • Swift lets to tenancy ready individuals.
  • Direct support from the Rewriting Futures home finder to prevent and address any problems.
  • A guarantee bond in place of a cash deposit, no need to protect this under any TDS scheme.
  • We will set up all claims for Housing Benefits and liaise with HB teams around direct payments.
  • We will carry out regular tenancy and property checks to ensure everything is running smoothly.
  • Thorough property matching service which will include risk assessments & management plans and affordability assessments.
  • We provide free resources such as tenancy agreements and inventories.

what do we need from landlords?

  • To provide homes that meet the service’s requirements for property fitness and safety.
  • To let to people in receipt of state benefits or who are on a low income.
  • To charge rent in line with the current Local Housing Allowance.
  • Accept the Rewriting Futures guarantee bond agreement in lieu of a cash deposit.
  • To waive the requirement for a deposit upon the expiry of the guarantee bond, provided you are satisfied with the tenant and happy to continue  the tenancy beyond the fixed term period.
  • To work with Rewriting Futures to resolve any disputes.
  • To inform Rewriting Futures of any intention to end a tenancy before taking any actions.
  • To uphold your obligations as a private sector landlord.

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Walsall & Coventry

Contact: Julia Codrington Tel: 07469118478


Birmingham, Solihull & Wyre Forest (Thuria Hussein)

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