Hazel Oak School students raised £800 through social enterprise to held needy young people
24 JUL 2015

Students from Hazel Oak School, which is a secondary school in Shirley for students with Special Educational Needs,  have raised a staggering £800 for St Basils! This was partly through selling homemade goods at their recent Hoffstock festival (pictured). 

As Deputy Head Sinead Davies explains: 

"Hazel Oak sixth form students embarked on setting up their own social enterprise this year, creating 'Oak Branches'- a craft shop and sandwich business that has traded at various school events throughout the year.

They wanted to make a positive difference to their local community and decided to nominate St Basils as the charity they wanted to donate the bulk of their profits too.

The students were aware that St Basils worked with young people like themselves, but their understanding of homelessness was quite limited. 

Over the year that we've worked with St Basils their awareness has grown and they have developed greater empathy.

The students have worked incredibly hard on their business and have managed to raise a fantastic £800 for St Basils.

They found it so rewarding to hand over the cheque to such a worthwhile charity and know that they have given back something to the people in their community.'"

Fundraising Officer Steve Rainbow who collected the cheque from the students said: "I think the students here have done brilliantly on this. I've been so impressed by what I've seen today. I think the students have done incredibly well and really showcased their talents too". 

Hazel Oak School students are 'St Basils Champions'!

Hazel Oak School have made it into our 'St Basils Champions' Hall of Fame! Could you be a St Basils Champion?

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