BCU students raise over 9K for St Basils!
16 MAR 2017

BCU studentsSecond Year Fashion, Business and Promotion BCU students have just completed their Event Management module raising an impressive £9,300 for St Basils.

This is the second year the department and its students have supported St Basils by hosting events to raise funds for St Basils. Last years Fashion, Business and Promotion students raised over £8K for St Basils.

As part of their Event Management module, students were given approximately seven weeks to research, organise, invite guests, negotiate with venues and hold the actual event.  The students worked together in groups of eight and held a total of 18 different events throughout February and Early March, ranging from a Roller Disco to a Street Fashion Show, a Magic Mike Event to a Peaky Blinders night.

Sophie Johnson, lecturer in Fashion Business and Promotion said;

"The idea is that the money raised goes directly back into the City and opens up the eyes of young people to the reality of youth homelessness".

Shannon Griffiths, one of the students involved in the module commented;

“I think the events module really pushes and allows you to expand on your communication skills... talking and negotiating with industry professionals. It's such a fun module and when it comes to your actual event, you’re working so hard that you forget you’re actually being marked on it and you feel more like an industry professional yourself.”

Barrie Hodge, Head of Fundraising and Communications at St Basils was delighted with their achievement;

"I'm utterly stunned at this incredible amount the team have raised for us, actually overwhelmed! The wonderful team on the fashion and events course at BCU have been supporting us now for the last two years.  The range of events that the students have put together during that time has just been incredible".

With such an amazing sum of money raised, this module is incredibly successful, both within the university and also in the wider community.

Barrie commented further; “The project has helped us two fold.  It has increased our awareness amongst the age group of people that we support and has helped them truly understand what we are fighting against.  The funds raised from the event allow us to continue our work to prevent youth homelessness in the West Midlands.  It contributes to supporting young people in difficulty and helps fund opportunities to break the cycle of homelessness for good.”

Sophie added: “Projects like these allow our students to get a real understanding of all the work that goes into promotional events and how to make them a success. The best thing about this module is its real, it isn’t just a hypothetical project.”