Care leaver Richard, 22, praises support at St Basils Worcs scheme for helping him flourish
30 JAN 2017

Care leaver Richard, who has Aspergers syndrome, praises support at St Basils for helping him flourish

Richard, 22, grew up in Care and has faced a lot of challenges in his young life. He has been diagnosed with Asperger's syndrome and also epilepsy. He is another young person who has praised the support he has received at one of our accommodation schemes in Worcestershire. Beoley Court

“I’ve been in Care since I was 2 and once you reach 18 they ask you to leave so that’s how I ended up at St Basils. I had 10 different carers as a child and I’ve moved around a lot.

I found some stability with my last foster family who I lived with for several years and then St Basils have really helped me as well. They’ve put me on courses to improve my confidence and my social skills, helped me develop skills to be able to live and cope on my own, they’ve taught me how to cook properly and budget my money and they’ve helped me through some tough times and helped me to accept who I am.

They’ve also encouraged me to find work experience placements to learn new skills and so I can add experience to my CV. I’ve done work experience at a number of local shops and charities. It gives me something to do as well, so there’s structure to my days so I don’t just slouch around doing nothing.

My epilepsy started again while I was here and they helped me get a formal diagnosis so I could get the medication I need. They’ve also taught me techniques to overcome my nerves before some of the interviews I’ve been to, because I have Asperger's syndrome as well and I get very anxious sometimes about interviews and those sorts of situations including at the job centre. I worry about them saying I’ve misunderstood; they can throw a lot of fancy words around so I struggled to go on my own when I first came here but now I can do it.

It was tough being in Care but the way I look at it now is if I hadn’t have been I never would have met all the people I’ve met or been to all the places I’ve lived, or had all the experiences I’ve had which have made me who I am".

"If I hadn’t have been put in Care I’d still be stuck in Wales, doing nothing and knowing nothing of what I could have been".

"St Basils have sort of been like a surrogate family to me. My support worker Dee’s like the wise old Auntie of the family. She’s the one that’s always got your back, and always looking out for you. Sometimes you might think she’s being a bit hard on you but she’s only doing it because she cares about your future". 

"Being at St Basils has definitely made me more confident, more vocal and more willing to try new things".

"I feel like I’ve progressed from when I first came here and I’m doing well now".

"Soon I’ll be moving on to my own accommodation and St Basils will continue to support me for another 3 months once I’ve moved, so they don’t just abandon you, they make sure you’re settling in ok and managing to live on your own".

"I think St Basils has given me a better chance of living independently and flourishing in the outside world".