05 JUL 2017

This month we have caught up with Chaleka – a young person from our Live and Work scheme.

St Basils Live and Work Scheme provides 32 units of accommodation where young workers share  four bedroomed, well-appointed apartments. The scheme offers young people an opportunity to live in a great environment with like-minded individuals who are also working. There is support available to the residents should they need it.

The scheme is open to young people who are homeless or at risk of homelessness aged 16 – 24 and working, with a rent at present of only £42.90 per week. This means it is affordable for young people on apprenticeships or low waged incomes without needing to resort to benefits.

The scheme is located just 20 minutes away from Birmingham City Centre and a stone’s throw away from West Bromwich Town Centre and has every local amenity possible.

 Chaleka who has been on the scheme for over a year now says: ‘I’ve lived in St Basils Live and Work for over a year and think this scheme has really worked for me. There is always honest support if and when I need it and the staff here are amazing. I share my flat with other young professionals so we all have similar goals which works with all of us, we often cook for each other and talk for hours. The live and work scheme is a great scheme for any young professional that has determination and wants to succeed. The next steps for me will be to move into my own flat which I am really excited for!”

Carlene, Manager of the Live and Work Scheme says: "It is a real live issue that young employed people living in supported accommodation are financially worse off in comparison to others receiving benefits. St Basils answer to that is the Live and Work scheme at Hallam Close. Here the young people have the opportunity to pay very affordable rent allowing them to save for their independence. I’ve seen young people come through the scheme who many had given up on and with person centred support they have literally turned their lives around and gone on to embark on careers they themselves didn’t believe they could have. Hallam staff are inspired by the level of commitment to the programme displayed by the Live and Workers and will continue to assist, support, motivate and challenge our clients to achieve their goals. Live and Work Works!!!!"

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