Challenge 2016 duo successfully complete January challenge
25 JAN 2016

young supporters ruby and aoife successfully complete the challenge they set themselves for january 2016 - to live off just £20.16 for food for 7 days 

Two teenagers have set themselves the challenge of doing 12 fundraisers for us this year, one a month, the theme being '2016'. 

Their idea which they've called 'Challenge 2016' means taking on challenges like giving up on all social media and electronic technology for 201.6 hours to walking 20.16 miles through Birmingham.

They decided for themselves that their challenge for January would be to live off just £20.16 for food for both of them for the week commencing 18th January, which we consider to be a very tough challenge indeed. It is hard to go without food and luxuries in such a plentiful society.

Ruby emailed us today with this message:

"Well it is safe to say Challenge 1/12 is complete and it wasn't easy! Despite the fact we have had 3 meals a day everyday which you'd believe to be rather substantial, the idea and anxiety that comes with having to plan everyday so that we won't go hungry towards the end of the week makes the challenge harder than we thought. It's the small things like the lack of salt, sugar and herbs in the meals that you miss out on and it has seriously been a eye opening experience. We cannot wait to do more challenges and also raise as much as we have this month every time we complete one of them!"

Barrie Hodge, Head of Fundraising at St Basils said: "Congratulations to Ruby and Aoife for taking on and successfully completing this incredibly tough challenge.  We think you've done brilliantly and you've already raised nearly £100 - fantastic! Best of luck with your February fundraiser". 

Ruby and Aoife have already raised £84.12 for St Basils this month. Please sponsor them £2.16 to show your support for taking on this challenge.

Thank you!

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