'Challenge 2016' teenagers manage to complete challenge to climb 2016 metres
04 APR 2016

Huge congratulations to 'Challenge 2016' duo Ruby and Aoife for completing their 3rd challenge in their year long 'challenge2016' fundraising campaign for St Basils. The teenage duo, who sit their GCSEs this summer, successfully completed the March challenge they set themselves which was to climb 2016 metres up and down Snowdon which is Wales highest mountain. 

While they were there they also completed the worlds longest zipwire, travelling down at speeds up to 120MPH. Both challenges were accomplished in less than 24hrs.

Ruby and Aoife have now raised over £970 which is already an amazing amount to have achieved, but you can help them get ever closer to their £2016 target by sponsoring them £2.16 today: https://www.justgiving.com/rubyandaoifeCHALLENGE2016.

Head of Fundraising Barrie Hodge said of the challenge: From the photos we can see that this clearly was a very tough challenge. We're amazed that you were undeterred by all that snow and we're very impressed that despite such tricky conditions you plodded on and made it to the top!" 

Ruby and Aoife told us: "We couldn't see a blooming thing and at points we were knee deep in snow. It was a lot harder than we were expecting, crawling over rocks in snow, wind and sun. We decided that we should take a harder path and it proved very challenging."

However they think that their April challenge will be far harder!

Ruby said: "Aprils challenge is going to be by far the hardest for Aoife and I as we are planning on giving up social media and handing our phones in for 201.6 hours which takes us from Monday to the following Wednesday. Bearing in mind that we are typical teenagers who are always on our phones, this will be really tough for us! We start the week beginning 18th April."

Ruby and Aoife are also after ideas for a challenge for May which as they put it: "will not pose any risk of injury, illness or exertion due to the fact we are both siting 20+ GCSE's!" If you have an idea for what they could do, please let them know via their Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/rubyandaoifechallenge2016

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