Chawn Wheelers cycling group raises over £1300 for St Basils through sponsored Coast to Coast ride
08 JUL 2015

From left to right are: Mark Orrell, Simon Challand, John Cotterill, Andy Taylor, Brian Murphy, Andy Bayliss, Cyril Sargent, Tony Dean, John Bairner, Stan Tollerton and  Sam Muthuveloe who all completed the challenge.

On Friday 14th May 2015 12 men from Chawn Hill church Stourbridge set off cycling the coast to coast route. 11 completed the challenge covering a distance of almost 150 miles in 3 days. Unfortunately one had to retire due to illness. 

The group who call themselves the ‘Chawn Hill Wheelers’ are all keen cyclists, usually cycling 20-30 miles together on Sunday afternoons. They have completed the challenge before but supporter John Bairner suggested they do it to raise funds for St Basils this time as a member of his family has received help from St Basils in Kidderminster.

John said: “The hardest part of our route was over the pennines, there’s a 1900 foot hill just passed Stanhope. It’s all open at the top and that day there were 60mph winds. We were literally being blown sideways. But at other points the wind helped, we were being blown along – that actually made it quite fun!”

“I wanted us to do this for St Basils to give something back. They’ve helped a member of my family in the past who has mental health problems. We’ve combined our totals and raised a grand total of £1323.33 all to help the work of St Basils.”

Chawn Wheelers fundraising total