Chiltern Railways helps 3 young people journey forwards with jobs on their trains
10 JUL 2015

Chiltern Railways who have chosen St Basils as their Charity of the Year for 2015, liaising with our Learning, Skills and Work team, offered to interview young people from St Basils for jobs on board their trains. A small group of employment ready young people applied and as a result Chiltern Railways have offered jobs to three of St Basils young people, two on short term contracts which could be extended and one permanent role.

All of these young people are or were living at one of our semi-supported accommodation schemes in Moseley. The majority of young people at this scheme are expected to be in some sort of employment and be working towards independent living and moving on from St Basils shortly.

Tolaya Johnson who has supported these young people said: “They were really impressed with the calibre of these young people and that they were such good candidates”.

The three young people, John, Alex and Hannah, all started their jobs this week. John, 24 who was offered the permanent role said of his first week:

“Everyone’s been very welcoming, making sure we’re ok to get there. They’ve ordered us shoes and taken care of everything.”

“I’m really enjoying it. It’s a customer service role, I’ve done similar things in the past but never on a train. They make it clear what’s needs doing but leave how it’s done to you.  I’ve already had good feedback from the other people I’m working with so that’s been nice”.

“It’s also been nice to travel to London, I’ve got family down there so London is special to me and it’s been good to get the opportunity to see them”.Chiltern railways image

“The best thing about it is it’s something to do and build my life around. It’s something to concentrate on. I moved on from St Basils to shared accommodation last month and then I got this job so I feel like I’m heading somewhere now. My own place will be the next step”.

Chiltern Railways have made it clear they’re big on progression too. They’re already encouraging me to apply for other jobs here. I’ve seen a couple I’d be interested in. There’s other customer service roles and jobs at the station and in the ticket office then there’s train managers and train drivers. That’s my ultimate goal but I’d like to try them all!”