Companies donated their website HOMEpage to help raise awareness of youth HOMElessness
01 OCT 2016

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On Friday 30th September 2016, companies across the West Midlands helped to raise awareness of youth homelessness and the work of St Basils, by an unusual means: they donated the HOMEpage of their company website to St Basils for the day!

Visitors to the majority of these websites on Friday 30th September saw a St Basils branded 'overlay' explaining that the company in question has donated their HOMEpage to help end youth homelessness in the Midlands. It invited them to visit St Basils website to find out more about usHowever visitors were still be able to access the companies original homepage if desired. Some companies taking part donated HOMEpage advertising space or supported through their social media channels instead.

This initiative was the idea of One Black Bear, the Creative Communications agency St Basils works closely with and the 30th of September was chosen as the closest working day to St Basils 44th birthday on 1st October, generating more impact.

Eleven companies in total took part included: BHSF, Birmingham Civic Society, BPN Architects, Dixons, Fira, IDEX Consulting , Paradise Circus Limited Partnership, Shire Insurance, The Space Studio, Trinity Mirror Midlands and Tuckers Solicitors. 

Barrie Hodge, Head of Fundraising and Communications at St Basils said: “We believe this is a unique initiative and that no other charity has ever done this before. We know most business’ Homepages on their websites are literally their shop window to the world so we’re really pleased that these companies across the West Midlands agreed to take part and donate their HOMEpage for the day to help raise awareness of our work. During 2015-16 over 5000 young people aged 16-25 sought our assistance and 1200 were housed in our schemes. We support our young residents to access education, training and employment but we need more people to be aware of all we are trying to achieve, if we are to reach out to more young people and help them break the cycle of homelessness”.

We hope to repeat this initiative. If you're interested in taking part please contact us.