Could you open your home to help a young person from Coventry?
11 JUL 2016

People living in Coventry or Warwickshire  are needed to act as ‘hosts’ and help give a young person a helping hand as they start out in life. We are recruiting people from these communities to provide emergency, short and longer term accommodation and support in their own homes to vulnerable young people.

Some young people are unable to live at home with their families for a number of reasons, including: bereavement, family breakdown, overcrowding or risk of abuse – either emotional or physical. Others may be leaving care and are not ready to live on their own as they lack confidence and basic life skills to live independently.

Hosts are needed who could offer emergency, short and longer term accommodation whilst helping them develop practical skills and provide stability, emotional support, encouragement and guidance. 

It could be for just a night or two, or, in some cases (subject to a Hosts agreement) for anything up to two years. The 'host' will help the young people grow in confidence and teach them basic, everyday skills. All you need is a spare room and the will to help a young person find somewhere safe they can call home for a short while.

We have joined forces with Coventry City Council to run two services in the area and help prevent youth homelessness, allowing young people to stay in their home city and learn the skills they need to take the next step.

These two services include:

  • A Night Stop service where a young person is given emergency housing, usually for one night, but in some cases and by agreement anything up to seven nights. Hosts provide breakfast and preferably dinner as well as access to laundry and shower/bath facilities, but the young person does not have a key to the house. Hosts are paid expenses.
  • Supported Lodgings – a young person is given a room and becomes part of the household. They have their own key and are supported while they learn skills for independent living. Hosts are paid a weekly fee and the young person contributes towards their living costs.

Hosts are given full training and support and the chance to meet other hosts at social events. No qualifications are needed, but some safeguarding checks will be carried out.


St Basils has been operating Home2Home schemes since 2010 and over the years we have had great feedback with many Hosts commenting that it is very rewarding work and an easier process than they thought it would be.

But you don't need to take our word for it! Here is new Coventry Host Laurence explaining what prompted him to get involved and how he's found it:

Amanda selena

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To apply or learn more, call St Basils on 0121 772 2483 or e-mail Alternatively please visit: