Volunteers still needed to help homeless young people in Solihull, Wyre Forest and Coventry
27 JAN 2016

We have a number of new volunteering roles here at St Basils including some office based roles as well as frontline opportunities working with young people, at various locations across the West Midlands.

There are many reasons why people choose to volunteer for St Basils. Some may have personally experienced youth homelessness, have friends or family who have been affected, to further their skills and competencies or be motivated by the simple desire to make a difference.

Volunteers have always played an important role in the development of St Basil’s services. Today St Basils encourages the involvement of volunteers throughout its projects, departments and activities. Volunteers bring an enormous range of experiences and skills to St Basils, pioneer innovative ways of working, greatly increase the potential scope of the charity’s work around youth homelessness and improve our flexibility of response to current and future needs.

Giving your time can offer many rewards including enjoyment, personal satisfaction, new skills, personal development, recognition of your abilities and potential and improved confidence and self-esteem.  We want every volunteer experience to be a good one and aim to make sure that all volunteers feel valued for their contribution to their community, to their peers, their colleagues, young people and throughout St Basils.

Please see our newly updated Volunteering section for more information or to apply for these opportunities. 

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Open day update

Our open day on 13th February 2016 was a great success, with many volunteers from the Birmingham area coming forward to register their interest, however more volunteers are still needed, particularly in Solihull, Wyre Forest, Coventry and Walsall. 

Even if you missed the open day please do get in touch with St Basils HR team and we will arange to meet with you individually. Thank you!