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Donate your HOMEpage this World Homeless Day

For the last few years we have been inviting businesses to donate their HOMEpage on World Homeless Day to help raise awareness of youth homelessness and encourage the people of the West Midlands to support us in our mission to end it.

How it works:
Donating your homepage is simple to do. We provide you with a snippet of code which your digital agency, IT department or in-house developers can easily embed on the homepage of your website. When users visit your website on the 10th October, they then have an option of opening the St Basils website in a new window or closing the pop-up to continue to use your website as needed. The pop-up only needs to be live for one day: October 10th - World Homeless Day.

This is what the pop-up will look like on the website of each company taking part:

Donate your HOMEpage

If you're interested in doing your bit to help raise awareness of youth homelessness then please get in touch today by emailing

If you have any questions please also email us or call 0121 772 9635. 

We're also looking at a way bloggers may be able to take part this year - watch this space for more info!