DWF Solicitors ran half day CV and interview skills workshop for young people
10 JUL 2015

DWFSolicitors DWF who have signed up to the city wide pledge to help us End Youth Homelessness, ran a half day CV writing and Interview skills workshop with a group of young people.

The Solicitors from DWF did a presentation on interview skills and provided one-to-one support looking at young people’s CVs. They helped some write a CV from scratch and others improve and update their CVs.

They also did a presentation around interview skills and as part of this played a video from You Tube which showed a typical ‘bad interview’. It showed a young woman whilst in the waiting area outside the interview room on the phone, giving info away about herself and complaining about her last job. She then left her phone on and answered it in the interview too. They’re were subtler points too; she gave stock answers to the questions and didn’t expand on her statements or give examples. The young people were encouraged to pick out and discuss these points afterwards.DWF

The workshop will go towards the young people’s Life Skills portfolio evidence and is linked with our Life Skills module ‘preparing for work’.

Life Skills Co-ordinator Manjit Dhillon said: “DWF were great, the young people were particularly impressed by the solicitors taking the time to meet with them and the one-to-one support provided. They were impressed by the offices which are at no.1 Snow Hill. It was taking them out of the everyday and showing them the sorts of places they could be working. It’s great for the young people to see different work settings for themselves, it really helps raise they’re aspirations. DWF were sensitive to the needs of our young people too. It was only a half day workshop but they laid on lunch and tea and coffees for them too and they’ve given their presentation to us so we can continue to use it in-house to help train other young people”.