Well done to staff who took on wolf run
07 SEP 2015

they did it!

Well done to our staff who took on the Wolf Run on Sunday 6th September, running 6 miles which took about 2 and a half hours and encountering many obstacles along the way, involving swimming, climbing and lots of crawling through mud! 

St Basils Rents Manager Jonathan Dean who organised the ‘Wolf Pack’ said: “Two pack members had had military experience before relished this challenge but the rest of us ‘civvies’ were pretty scared really. At the start line the pack were joking about why we’d signed up to get filthy and exhausted on a perfect sunny Sunday afternoon. We’d volunteered or rather pressganged each other to take part back in the New Year when we wanted to run off the excess Christmas dinners. Back then told each other it was all in a good cause as they say!”

“I was impressed by the bravery of the pack. We were just running along wondering where and what the next obstacle would be. They say that wolves work as pack to survive and hunt. We needed the same pack instinct to cover the full six miles of unknown adventure. We threw each other over, under and through the obstacles.

For me the toughest part was the swim. We got quite hot running and then had to swim 70 metres through a freezing cold lake. We experienced cold shock when we jumped in which was a big mental challenge to overcome. Ahead of us rescue boats in the lake had other runners clinging to them for help. It was a very physically and mentally demanding afternoon”.

“The last bit was a steep hump of mud which we ran up together. On the other side was a mud pool. Muddy water disguises the depth of the water so we had no option but commit and slide down. I’m 6 foot and mud went to my shoulder before my feet hit the bottom of the pool. One pack member vanished under the mud then came back up virtually unrecognisable.

The pack were elated to reach the finish line, all fear had gone. It was a fantastic experience! Thanks to everyone who has sponsored us!”

With gift aid included the team have raised over £1000 for St Basils which is fantastic! 


Barrie Hodge, Head of Fundraising at St Basils said: “The team have done brilliantly! This challenge is not for the feint hearted. Everyone is so impressed with you all! Thank you so much!”.  



Could you do this for St Basils?

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It costs £49 to enter. If you sign up please contact us for t-shirts and sponsorship forms.