Introducing our new Head of Fundraising
24 JUN 2015

Introducing our new Head of Fundraising and Communications: Barrie Hodge

Barrie Hodge

"Hi there, I just wanted to introduce myself.  I am Barrie Hodge and I am the new Head of Fundraising and Communications here at St Basils.  It is great to be here, working for such an amazing charity that is helping change the lives of young people at risk of homelessness in the West Midlands. 

A little about me.  Well, I’m originally from Glasgow and have the accent to prove it.  (Don’t worry, you should able to understand me just about)  I love setting myself ridiculous challenges (I’ve just completed tough mudder for the first time.  If you don’t know what that is then google it) and I love meeting new people.  So, I want to meet you.  Whether it be face to face, phone call, email, carrier pigeon, I want you to know you can talk to me anytime.  I’ve got a lot of ideas of what I would like to do here at St Basils but they mean nothing without your input.  So please, get in touch.  I’ll even treat you to a bit of shortbread!!"

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