Kearnie says a final goodbye to St Basils
25 JUL 2017

You may remember in December last year when we caught up with Kearnie – A St Basils resident rep:

“I came to St Basils, over a year ago, because I was in a bad way, I was about to give up on life. I’m partially sighted and gradually losing my sight. I will be blind eventually. I was suicidal and I was put into a mental institution to help me recover and that worked, but while I was there I was evicted from my home. I was with Redditch Nightstop for a while, they helped me get in here.

It was a lot to go through but it proves the system works and I’ve come out the other side better for it.” -  Kearnie, December 2016. (If you don't remember this story - Click here!)

Today we were invited to join the team in Redditch to say a final goodbye to Kearnie as she begins her first steps independently in her own flat.

Kearnie has so many plans in place for her future and has just completed a ‘Be your own boss’ course run by Malvern Business Academy. This has given her the opportunity to dust off her own business plan and put everything she has learnt into play on this next adventure. After the 4 month course Kearnie was presented her award by Prince Andrew!

“The dream is to open my own boarding kennel for dogs. I have a business plan. ‘Be your own boss’ course has taught me the skills I need to know about starting up. I’m currently looking at different ways in which can help me fund this. Keep your eyes peeled!”

On behalf of St Basils we would like to wish Kearnie the best of luck with her move, and can’t wait to hear how her business opportunity moves on!

Click here to find out more about Malvern Business Academy

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