Little Hannah's mile a day marathon
06 JUL 2016

Eleven year old Hannah Brewin is fundraising for St Basils by running a mile a day for 26 days to raise funds in sponsorship! We think that's wonderful! It's a long way for little legs and to do it day after day is fantastic!  

Hannah's mum, Beth, said: 

"Hannah wanted to do some thing to help the homeless as she had been on a school trip to the Cathedral in town and saw some homeless people and was upset and wanted to do something which would help. 

She thought about something she could do which would require her effort. So decided on running a mile a day to run enough for a marathon! 

This was going well until 10 days in she was knocked over by a boy on his bike and broke her arm. But she was very determined to continue and has walked the mile everyday since. 

She chose St Basils (to be the recipients) as we'd discussed several charities for the homeless and I have been involved with work with St Basils before through our church and when she looked at the website she was very moved by the video you have there.

She showed this to her class too and many of her friends have sponsored her" 

Barrie Hodge, Head of Fundraising at St Basils said: "It's wonderful to hear of someone as young as Hannah taking it upon themselves to do a sponsored challenge to help us. And what grit and determination she has shown, carrying on even with a broken arm! We just want to say very well done to you Hannah and thank you so much. Good luck for the rest of your challenge!"