Make sure you and your friends and family are represented in our virtual balloon race!
20 SEP 2016

St Basils Balloon RaceThis is the ultimate event to be seen at and it involves virtually no effort from you. In fact you don't even need to leave home to take part!

This is our newest event and as well as being something different, it's really fun and interesting too!

This is a virtual balloon race but it will be based on the real weather conditions taking place during the Autumn half term week, commencing 24th October 2016.

So it's not just luck! You'll need to chose carefully what your balloon will be made of and whether balloons released at that time of year would fare better being made of thicker and slower or lighter and faster material.

A computer algorithm will track the virtual progress of all the balloons and you'll be able to see this online throughout the week! We'll also provide updates via our Facebook, Twitter and Instagram accounts.  

The balloons that travel the furthest will win the race and we have some great prizes available including a special prize for Secondary Schools. 

Make your balloons as unique as you are!

This is a great event for anyone of any age to get involved in and a good one for groups or companies too. You can customise your balloons, add logos, names, a picture of anyone as well as colours and patterns and there's a variety of shapes available too including hearts and stars.

It doesn't have to be your name on the balloon. You could put the names of friends or family instead.


The cost is just £3 per balloon but the majority of the £3 fee will come direct to St Basils and go towards helping our young reesidents to get back into education, training and employment so that they can break the cycle of homelessness and move on successfully.

Please help us by buying a balloon. Your support will help young people reach for the sky!

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