More starter pack and bedding donations needed
09 AUG 2018

We're hugely grateful to our supporters for all the donations we recieve through-out the year, such as this donation last month of four starter packs from the Brindleyplace Birmingham branch of Natwest Bank.

We need more donations like this! And in particular we need more donations of brand new bedding and bed linen, including single duvets and duvet sets (unfortunately we can't take second hand bedding even if it's been washed).  

This is all to help young people settle in to their new accommmodation. Many young people who have been in a tough living situation, struggle financially, and simply can't afford to buy all the things they need at the same time for moving into a new place. By providing these items you will be helping them to settle into their new accommodation quicker and this will help them feel more positive about moving on into their own accommodation. In this way your donations could help prevent repeat homelessness.   

Not everything needs to be brand new but towels, toiletries, bedding and bed linen does. If you have any queries about what goes into a starter pack, please see our Donate a Starter Pack page or email

Once your starter packs are ready please contact us via tel: 0121 772 9614 or email us via the address above, to arrange dropping them off. 

Thank you so much!