National Express Foundation help Birmingham’s young homeless learn independent living skills, through £2.5K grant to St Basils
06 JUN 2016

National Express Foundation have awarded St Basils another 2.5K grant for the second year running towards St Basils Life Skills programme which aims to teach young residents the skills they’ll need to live independently so that they can move on successfully.

Through the Life Skills programme which is conducted by staff in all St Basils 29 supported accommodation schemes across the West Midlands, young people have the chance to achieve an Open College Network (OCN) Life Skills qualification by developing skills for independent living and completing a selection of modules such as Building a Career Portfolio, Healthy Eating, Personal Budgeting and Cooking in a Domestic Kitchen, amongst others. Those that complete the qualification are invited to a cap and gown graduation celebration to recognise their progress and achievements. Completing the Lifeskills programme is often the start of the young person’s journey back to education and builds their confidence.

Thanks to this grant from the National Express Foundation, Lifeskills can now be extended to some of the young people we support in their own homes who are currently at risk of homelessness. For some of these young people learning the skills to live independently will help prevent homelessness.  

St Basils Life Skills Co-ordinator Manjit Dhillon said:

“We are very grateful to National Express Foundation for supporting us for a second year with another £2,500 grant. In recent years St Basils has tended to support more young people from the younger end of the age range we help, and at 16-19 years old, these young people have limited life experience to draw on to overcome the challenges that suddenly finding themselves living on their own can present. Therefore our Life Skills programme has become even more vital and support such as this has meant we have been able to expand the Life Skills programme at St Basils providing intensive tailored support to meet the needs of each young person and prevent homelessness and repeat homelessness.”    

National Express Foundation General Manager James Donnan (pictured above left) said:

"We are delighted to be able to support St Basils accredited LifeSkills programme again this year. Young people rarely have any experience of looking after themselves and an important step in preventing repeat youth homelessness is to provide young people with the support and skills they need to live independently in the community. 

"Whilst the programme's fundamental aim is to help young people develop the confidence and tools that they need to live independently, it also gives them a recognised qualification which can help them continue in to further education or training."

Photo caption: James Donnan and Nicola Houghton from National Express Foundation at our Thank you Lunch event in October 2015