#saveoursupport: Help stop cuts to funding when rough sleeping already on the rise
25 JAN 2017

Rough Sleeper Stats 25th January 2017

New figures out today show rough sleeping is still on the rise across England. The figures show that sadly Birmingham is now one of the Top 10 cities for rough sleeping with an increase of more than 50% in just twelve months – up from 36 to 55. The national average increase was 16% (and the increase in London was just 3%) so Birmingham is getting worse at a faster rate than anywhere else.

If the 42% cuts to Supporting People funding go ahead as has been proposed by Birmingham City Council in the face of drastic central government cuts and austerity measures, this can only continue to push these figures in the wrong direction. 

Responding to this news today, St Basils Chief Executive Jean Templeton said:

“It is no surprise that rough sleeping continues to rise when there is continual pressure on funding for housing and support services. Birmingham City Council is faced with an almost impossible task in trying to achieve a balanced budget in the face of massive reductions in funding from central government and sharply rising social need".

"Is it ok to have people living and dying on our streets ? We would all agree not".

"It is false economy to cut these life-saving services. We know what works, we just need the commitment and resources to achieve it.”

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You Can help!

We don't want to see vulnerable people sleeping on our streets! If you want to help us avoid a Cardboard City situation in Birmingham, please act now by signing our petition to Save Our Support!

It takes less than a minute to do this: https://www.change.org/p/birmingham-city-council-say-no-to-proposed-cuts-for-vital-funds-for-vulnerable-people.

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