New young people's co-operative will provide move-on accommodation for young workers
22 DEC 2015

New young people's co-operative will provide move-on accommodation for young workers leaving St Basils

We are pleased to announce we have been successful in securing 'Platform for Life' funding from the Homes and Communities Agency (HCA)  to provide a new kind of accommodation project for our young people. Our proposal is to develop a young workers co-operative which will provide move-on accommodation for young people leaving our other supported accommodation schemes. The scheme will contribute to Birmingham’s Youth Housing Offer linked to the City’s Youth Promise offer of access to education, training and employment.

Building on the learning from our ‘Live and Work’ scheme* for young apprentices, our intention is for the tenancies to be offered to young workers for a period of 3-5 years to enable them to benefit from a settled home after a disruptive period and to focus on their employment experience.

St Basils Chief Executive Jean Templeton said: "The scheme will provide an opportunity for young people to develop a co-operative approach to managing their accommodation, which will, we believe, enable them to open up their broader housing options in the future and develop their management skills.  We have multiple links with employers, colleges and training providers who are keen to offer opportunities to our cohort of young people. Our ambition is that this scheme will become largely self-managed by the residents with housing management assistance. The location of the scheme close to one of our supported housing schemes in Edgbaston enables economies of scale and access to their training and on-site resources. This enables the co-operative to operate on a lower cost basis with young people receiving support to manage their budget and develop housing management skills. Our model is based on work completed for us by a PhD Student on the Housing Policy course at University of Birmingham.

Current co-operative models are largely aimed at older people or young professionals. This model will be a pathfinder for young people who have experienced homelessness. The model is supported by our Youth Council and provides progression for young people both in relation to becoming economically active but also in cost management and developing tenancy and community management skills.

We are delighted that we have secured Platform for Life capital funding in partnership with WM Housing who have agreed to lease the property to us for 30 years and Keepmoat Regeneration who are refurbishing the scheme for us".

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