Parent praises family mediation support from Coventry team
13 FEB 2017

CoventryA parent got in touch with us last week to praise the family mediation support she is currently receiving from our team in Coventry who work to prevent youth homelessness.

Family Mediation aims to improve communication channels between all family members and to replace shouting and destructive communication, with discussion and negotiation. It is not about placing blame but finding a way forwards that will achieve the outcome both parties want to see.

Through Floating Support we offer a tailored approach, helping young people to remove barriers and learn the skills to live independently, taking responsibility for managing their own lives and supporting the young person to tackle any challenges they are currently facing.

Both of these services are informed by Psychological approaches as St Basils is a Psychologically Informed Environment and all staff do the training to help all our service users reflect on their own behaviour and how it is impacting on others.

Our parent said:

“While my son was at school we received support but once he turned 18 and left we felt like we were on our own. The situation came to a head in an argument a year last November and this is when St Basils intervened and the family was offered Family Mediation and also ‘Floating Support’ in the family home by our Coventry Homeless Prevention team”.

“I didn’t realise that we could get support before things escalated. With St Basils help and support, my son was able to come back to live with us”.

“St Basils staff member Angie supports both of us. She keeps him safe, and she’s helped keep us together”.

“Without that support we would’ve been in a very different place and I don’t know where my son would’ve been living if St Basils hadn’t have intervened.”

“Angie has helped me change my approach and I don’t shout at my son or argue with him now. If he’s shouting at me, I just walk away.

The appointments with the 3 of us help my son think about his behaviour too. The perspective Angie’s brought will get him reflecting on things”.

“Angie is trying to find him Assisted Living accommodation in Coventry. He won’t really be independent or take responsibility for himself until he is living on his own.”

“Angie is trying to get an extension on supporting us and while my son is living with us, I don’t know what I’d do without that support. She comes to see us every week but I know even outside of those appointments that if I was to have an issue later in the week I could just call her up and if needed she would come straight round. I really appreciate that support”.

 “Angie has shown me a different way of dealing with the issues and it’s reassuring for me to know that I can ask her if I’m doing the right things.”

“If this support is withdrawn I’m frightened things could deteriorate again and we’ll be back to where we were. Angie helps us stay on track. I don’t know how I’d have coped without her or St Basils. I will support St Basils as much as I can – because they really do provide a great service”. 

“Before I would’ve been embarrassed about coming forward to share this with you, as I would’ve felt like it was admitting that we have problems but Angie doesn’t see it as problems. Also I was watching a programme the other day about how quick people are to complain but not so quick to praise so I want to give credit where it is due as I worry for St Basils, dealing with what they do, how many families would come forward to say that they’ve been helped, but if we don’t, I worry that these services won’t be there for other families in the future”.

“Angie and St Basils support has changed our attitudes and I’m really grateful for that. It makes such a difference to me knowing they’re only a phonecall away”.

“Anything I can do to help keep these support services I will do, so that they will be there for other people who need them in the future too”. 

*name withheld to protect confidentiality