Young People's plea: Please don’t cut our Floating Support services - a vital aid in preventing youth homelessness in Brum
31 JAN 2017

St Basils Support at Home serviceOne of our services potentially under threat if the proposed Supporting People fund cuts go ahead is our Floating Support service to young people in Birmingham who are at risk of homelessness.

This service aims to support young people to ensure they can continue living independently in their current accommodation. With their more limited support networks and life experience, once young people find themselves in a crisis, things can quickly spiral out of control and get on top of them.  

Our support workers visit them in their homes to offer tailored advice and support to help them build the skills and regain the confidence they need to cope on their own.

Two young people have today spoken out about the proposed cuts. They are very passioante about the service and have stated that it is both a crucial support to them and to other young people in need:

Nazia, 22 said: “I was 19 when I got pregnant. The Support worker I saw from St Basils, Natasha and her Manager Maggie were both brilliant. They were like my rock, so supportive and there whenever I needed them”.

“They helped me with the situation with my baby and seeing social services. They helped me get the outcome I wanted. They acted really quickly too from the first time I saw them and got me straight into the sort of accommodation I needed to be in really fast. If it wasn’t for them I wouldn’t be where I am now. I’m 22 now but I know I can still ring St Basils if I need support and they’ll be there for me”. 

Another young person Ashleah, 17 said: “I was 16 when I became homeless and was placed in a B&B. When I first saw St Basils staff, I’d just moved from the B&B to a flat. I knew about cooking and cleaning but it was paying the bills, that sort of thing – if Natasha hadn’t have been there I wouldn’t have known what to do! She took me through all that and came with me to register at the doctors and the counsellors and she taught me how to budget which is still really useful. I had a few months of support but it made all the difference, I’m still living independently – without St Basils support I wouldn’t have been able to cope”.

“I really don’t think these services should be cut. They’re really needed. There’s people out there way worse than me and without this support they’ll just have no idea what they’re doing! It’ll just make things worse for them.”

You can help!

If you don’t think these services should be cut either, please help #saveoursupport by signing our online petition: 

On Monday 27th February at 12pm #saveoursupport supporters will also be gathering in Victoria Square to help show the council the grave consequences these cuts will have for our city.  We are asking you to join us in Victoria Square to stage a sit down protest to demonstrate what these cuts will look like.  We ask that you bring a blanket with you.  At 12:15pm sit down in Victoria Square and wrap the blanket around you.  

The sad reality is that, if these cuts are approved, this will be a sight that will become much more familiar in our city.  Do we really think that is okay? 

Please join us on Monday 27th February at 12pm in Victoria Square to give vulnerable people a voice.  

Thank you!

*The photos used on our website are representative of our young people and not necessarily of the people quoted.