Please have your say in Birmingham's budget consultation
08 DEC 2016

As you may have heard in the news, due to the period of austerity we are currently in, Birmingham City Council have to save £78 million and as a result are reviewing the funding they provide for services in Birmingham, including Supporting People which funds the support we provide to young people. They are looking to make savings of around £10 million over two years. 

We absolutely understand that the council is in an extremely difficult position with the cuts they have to make. The council really does have a proud track record of working with organisations like ours to support vulnerable people.

But, this level of proposed cuts would be devastating to organisations like ours!

It will have a massive impact on our ability to provide safe, good quality supported accommodation for vulnerable and homeless young people in Birmingham.  


Although BCC's official consultation closed on 18th January, our petition to Save Our Support will be available until 28th February 2017.  

Please sign the petition today

Thank you for your support!

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