Results of Solihull Youth Hub Consultation Part II
17 MAR 2017

SYH consultation part 11 FB postThis second part of the Solihull Youth Hub consultation was carried out via a targeted post on Facebook, specifically targeting young people aged 16-24 in Solihull, linked to a survey on St Basils website.

It took some of the questions from Part I of the consultation (which was done with young people already recieving housing related support) that were applicable to a wider audience. It asked closed questions with options based on the answers already given by young people in Part I to provide further clarification from a wider audience. 

Un-incentivised online surveys often receive a poor response. To make it as quick and easy as possible to fill in the survey was anonymous and asked just 4 closed questions. There was also a comments box should anyone wish to add further comment. 

The survey was live for 7 days and in that time got 23 submitted responses. 

This exercise also aimed to raise awareness of the new service and how it aims to help young people. Our Facebook analytics tell us that 9,198 people saw the post, it was liked by 66 people, shared by 14 and commented on by two people, one tagging another young person.  

Download the full PDF report here:

Results of Solihull Youth Hub Consultation Part II (PDF)

If you haven't read Part I yet - please check it out as this report includes our responses to young people's concerns and preferences.  

Results of Solihull Youth Hub Consultation Part I