Results of Solihull Youth Hub Consultation part I
16 MAR 2017

In partnership with Solihull Metropolitan Borough Council (SMBC), Solihull Community Housing and Childrens Services, we will have a new service opening soon in Solihull called the Solihull Youth Hub for young people aged 16-24 so that we can do more to help young people experiencing housing issues before they reach crisis point.

We are keen to do as much as we can to meet young people’s needs through this new service and therefore we have carried out two consultations to help inform us of young people's experiences and needs to ensure we can get this right. 

This first consultation was with young people who have already experienced a housing crisis in Solihull and are accessing current services including accommodation provided by Stonham Accommodation, Home Group, St Basils and SMBC Care Leavers Panel.

This first consultation took the form of group discussions to open ended questions. This format allowed for young people to express their opinions openly and fully. Where we could collate answers we have done so and these results are available in PDF format. Please click on the button below to download the full report. 

Summary: Key themes from young people

  • There is a real need for a service that is accessible and focuses around the needs of young people. 

  • There needs to be a service that young people can access a whole range of services under one roof and for this to be young people friendly and not just 9-5pm.

  • Young people were really clear that staff needed to have the right attitude and knowledge of working with young people that had a good balance of being welcoming, approachable and knowledgeable.

  • Location was really important and it was very clear by young people that if the location was not right this would be a barrier to accessing the service.
  • There needs to be advertisement in the right places so that young people are aware of the services that would be offered.

    Download results of Solihull Youth Hub Consultation - Part I