New Solihull Youth Hub now open
27 MAR 2017

In partnership with Solihull Metropolitan Borough Council (SMBC), St Basils has launched the Solihull Youth Hub,  a new initiative to tackle youth homelessness, on 3rd April 2017.

The Youth Hub will provide housing advice and specialist home options support to single young people aged 16 - 24 who are at risk of homelessness or in housing need.

It will enable the development of early intervention partnerships across community locations and fund specialist mental health support for young people, staff working with young people and parents and carers.

Operating for an initial term of 2 years the pilot will aim to accurately measure demand, capture the range of needs that young people are presenting with and highlight gaps in local services that need to be addressed.


The full address is: St Basils, Church Close, Kingshurst, Solihull B37 6HA. See the Find Us page for a map of this new location. 

Contacting the Solihull Youth Hub

There are a number of different ways for young people/ referrers to contact The Solihull Youth Hub to book an appointment. The Solihull Youth Hub helpline advice number has been set up as Tel: 0330 332 7978, available Monday to Friday, 9am to 5pm. Alternatively young people in Solihull can use St Basils free text number and text “Need St Basils” to 62277 to get a call-back from staff. 

If it is not an emergency and young people are not facing imminent eviction, young people or referrers can email or young people will be able to contact St Basils via the ‘Get help’ section on St Basils website, filling in a brief web contact form. Solihull Youth Hub Staff will then phone the young person back. This is now live and if not yet an emergency young people can fill out the form at any time: Help Me - I live in Solihull referral form. Staff will respond from 3rd April

Download Solihull Youth Hub leaflet