St Basils Internal and National Engagement join forces and become YOUTH VOICE!
10 AUG 2017

St Basils are proud to announce the above two projects will be working together with immediate effect as Youth Voice.

St Basils internal engagement focus’ has been to grow and develop the delivery of St Basils Scrutiny panels, and engage our young people in the recruitment of our staff.

Our National Engagement are in its 9th funded year from the department for community’s and local government and deliver the national reference group and the youth homeless parliament.  These projects include young people from across England coming together to improve services for young people and influence service delivery and government policy, which meets the needs of young people through their lived experiences.

Bringing these two projects together is so exciting for us as a team. Engagement will go from strength to strength allowing us a bigger team to give us more opportunities to engage with as many young people as possible and ensure their thoughts and opinions reflect in not only our work here at St Basils but across England to improve services and influence government policies.” - Tamzin Taylor-Rosser, Youth Voice Project Manager.

Check out the new Youth Voice website here