St Basils is NEW mayor Andy Streets first stop for CHANGE.
15 MAY 2017

On Friday 5th May 2017 Andy Street on behalf of the conservative party was announced the Mayor for West Midlands.

By Monday 8th May (Andy’s first official day as mayor) he has already pointed out his top priorities; and one of them is tackling homelessness and rough sleeping. Andy spent no time in getting straight down to our youth hub here in Birmingham to see how he could help us at St Basils with youth homelessness.

Andy took a tour of the hub and said:

"Tackling rough sleeping and homelessness in our towns and cities is one of the issues we need to tackle with some urgency. That's why I am here on day one of my mayoralty.  St Basil's is an exemplar in supporting homelessness amongst younger people and what we need to do is work to replicate that across the board. As Mayor I will lead a homelessness task force and I very much hope St Basil's will play a key part in this. It's a huge issue that requires a regional and coordinated approach if we are to truly get to grips with it."

We would like to thank Andy for taking the opportunity to come down to see us here at St Basils. We look very much forward to working very closely with Andy and his party to put an end to youth homelessness.