Two new projects aim to help Schools and Employers become more Psychologically Informed to help prevent youth homelessness
24 JUL 2018

Drawing upon seven years of being a Psychologically Informed Environment (PIE)*; St Basils PIE team have built on the success of their other external PIE programmes training professionals and also parents in utilising Psychological approaches to manage challenging behaviour and stay 'connected' and in control.

St Basils PIE team are now launching two new initiatives called 'PIE4Education' and 'PIE4Employers' which both aim ultimately to help prevent youth homelessness.

Young people disengaged from employment, training and education are more likely to experience youth homelessness.  However, other risk factors for homelessness; such as mental health problems or learning difficulties, are also likely to impact on a young person’s ability to engage positively with education and training.   


PIE4Education is a new initiative from the St Basils’ PIE team aiming to help schools become more ‘psychologically-informed’ and thus, more able to work positively and collaboratively with young people who are struggling with emotional and psychological problems.

For more information please contact Adam via or text 07876 424 829.


As part of St Basils work training other professionals, St Basils has also worked with other organisations who wanted to be better equipped to support young people in junior positions (e.g. apprenticeships) in their workplaces.  Acknowledging that sometimes young people are not fully prepared for a work environment; particularly those from disaffected and disadvantaged communities; these managers wanted help to find positive ways to support and empower young people to succeed in their team.  PIE4employers training helps Managers better understand the perspective of young people and the challenges of the ‘adolescent brain’, as well as learning practical skills to motivate young people to become valued members of their teams.       

For more information please contact: or call Lucy on: 0121 772 9538


* St Basils has been a PIE since 2011. An organisation can describe itself as a Psychologically-Informed Environment or “PIE” when it utilises evidence-based psychological models and theories to inform practices, policies, and procedures.Instead of blaming or criticising individuals with aggressive or difficult behaviour; it seeks to understand why people behave in this way and helps staff to find creative ways to empower these individuals to make positive changes for themselves.