Five St Basils London Marathon runners have already raised £6,000 between them!
28 APR 2015

Our London Marathon runners can now have a much needed break and taking some time out to recover from the 26 mile challenge they undertook on Sunday 26th April as thanks to online fundraising they have already raised £6,000 between them! We would like to say HUGE CONGRATULATIONS and thanks to Jim Crawshaw, Carolle White, Matthew Graystone, David Halford and Mike Thomas for all the hours training and hard work they put in to complete the challenge and raise these vital funds for St Basils.

One of the five, Carolle White (pictured) said: “I very much welcomed the challenge of raising money for such a worthwhile cause. The charity really appealed to me because I know that there are a lot of youngsters out there that through no fault of their own don't have the best start in life and end up in difficult situations. I am chuffed that I have raised a fair amount for St Basils. I would have loved to raise even more but I am a full time working single parent so fitting in the training was tough. I hope that I have done enough :) I found the experience of running the marathon completely amazing. It was so good to be part of such an incredible experience. I was very pleased with my time (official 4.44 but 4.39 on my garmin running watch!) but the best achievement was that I ran the whole way round because that is the challenge I set myself”. 

Jim Crawshaw, Integrated Service Head (pictured far left) - Homeless & Pre-Tenancy Services at Birmingham City Council said: “Well I’m still alive, though my legs may dispute this statement! I had a fantastic day and completed it in 3.59.28 so I was over the moon as I had always aimed at beating 4 hours!

Matthew Grayston (pictured right), who works for Veolia said: “I was really apprehensive about the Marathon as I had a late injury but this cleared up in time for me to run which I was really pleased about. I was inspired to run for St Basils by a friend of mine who did the same last year - I finished in a time of 3 hours 44 minutes - which I am pleased with considering my injury. The day was fantastic and the atmosphere electric – there were crowds all the way round the course and where they were really dense the noise was fantastic! So far I have raised around £1,300 for St Basils - which is pleasing - and hopefully there is a little more to come in.”

MIke Thomas said:  "I found the day a great experience and knowing I was running for a good cause really helped spur me on! I was happy with my final time of 4hrs 9 mins, I’m not a regular runner and pleased to manage that, starting from the last bay in the red zone……..the crowds supporting on the day were unbelievable and really uplifting! Thanks for all the support Steve and the team have given".

We will add more feedback from our runners as it comes in.

If you would like to run for St Basils at next years Virgin London Marathon please contact us

Top photo credit: Virgin London Marathon