St Basils staff member ‘honoured by invitation to attend Queen’s garden party’
26 JUN 2015

A St Basils staff member’s engagement work with homeless young people across England over the past 8 years has been externally recognised by the Department of Communities and Local Government (DCLG) resulting in a nomination and invitation to the Queen’s garden party.

Tamzin Taylor-Rosser helped set up the National Youth Reference Group in 2007 and the Youth Homeless Parliament in 2012 and has been co-ordinating both ever since. Both groups are partnerships with other charities and involve bringing together homeless young people from across England to discuss and raise awareness of important issues for all homeless young people, aiming to have a unified and powerful collective voice whilst still recognising and providing a safe space to share individual experiences. These groups are funded by DCLG and have received repeat funding year on year.

Vida Paittoo from the Homelessness & Support Division at Department for Communities and Local Government (DCLG) said: 

‘We nominated Tamzin for the Royal Garden Party because she has been instrumental in bringing organisations together to be represented as members of the National Youth Reference Group (NYRG) and the Youth Homeless Parliament (YHP) to ensure they have a voice to highlight the issues young people face.

She has built a trusting and strong relationship with the young people and the organisations they represent and remains passionate in her work to ensure that young people are supported to get their lives back on track.’ 

Reflecting on her experience of the Queens Garden Party at Buckingham Palace Tamzin Taylor-Rosser said:

‘After the initial shock of being asked to the Queen’s Garden Party, and once I realised I did not have to wear a dress or a fascinator, I felt extremely honoured and excited to have been chosen and been able to represent St Basils and the National Youth Reference Group.

I have been doing national engagement work for eight years and I always ensure the time, preparation, planning and support for all events is centred around the young people and that they are always the main focus.

When I arrived at Buckingham Palace, I was one of around 2000 people from all walks of life. I met some fantastic people, but my real highlight of the day was being able to see the wonderful gardens at the Palace – as a keen gardener, this is something I was very excited about, as well as when I exited the Palace and numerous tourists thought I was a VIP and were taking my photo – this is something I was very modest about, as I’m sure you can imagine!

The whole day was a very special experience and a massive highlight in my career working with young people. It has further inspired me to achieve more for the national projects, and the youth voice across England.’