St Basils supporter climbs Kilamanjaro to raise money for St Basils
03 SEP 2014

One local supporter climbed Kilamanjaro recently, raising over £1,100 in sponsorship for St Basils and Kilamanjaro orphanage.

Amrita Sangha works for NatWest bank and has fundraised for St Basils before when she organised a sleep out in the garden with work colleagues and raised over £1000. Amrita had to train for 3 months for the climb whilst also completing her 2nd year Maths University exams. Her family helped with the purchase of the specialist equipment she needed to take part which included a tent, clothing and trekking equipment.

 Amrita said: “I wanted to raise the funds for children who have been less fortunate in life as I believe that the fortunate should support those that aren’t. I wanted to support St Basils as it is a local charity, covering the Midlands and supporting vulnerable children in those areas. St Basils gives support and aids them to a better start in life and intervenes with families when support is required”.

“This has been a great experience for me and I feel the charities I picked made me succeed because the knowledge of who I would be helping spurred me on to reach the peak.”