St Basils Young Person on Set for film screening
05 JUL 2017

.Midhat, one of the young people supported by Supported Lodgings, had a dream of becoming an actor.  The Bournville Village Trust has helped him realise that dream with their latest project. The latest project from BVT involved film project design. This project enabled young people to make a film that gives them a voice and also experience of the process.  Midhat spent one day as an actor and another as part of the film crew (What an experience!)

 The young people got together and discussed what they wanted the film to be, what issues they wanted it to show/address.  What message they wanted to give to the people watching. They came up with a script about a care leaver who is a well-known producer of make-up videos on YouTube.  She is used to presenting herself, picture perfect in her videos but one day, she is introduced to a care leaver’s forum on line which makes her question how she has been living her life.  How she sees herself and how she has always felt the need to hide the fact that she is in care from people.  This prompts her to make another video in which she comes clean and speaks her mind.  She admits that she is a care leaver, what that means for her and why she has felt the need to hide it.  That, despite how many of them feel, they are just normal like anybody else.

 We caught up with Midhat after the first screening of the film who said:

“I have enjoyed the screening immensely and am delighted by the hugely positive response to the film. There were even a few tears from people in the audience! I would like to pursue a career in acting. I am currently working hard to improve my English so I can go to Drama school.”

 Here is a link to the BBC website which featured it, including a short trailer -

We at St Basils are so proud of what Midhat has achieved so far and can’t wait to see what happens next! Well done Midhat.


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