St Marys primary school raise almost £2K for St Basils by holding their own Satellite SleepOut inside
29 MAR 2017

St Mary

St Mary's Catholic Primary School in Harborne Birmingham recently held their own Satellite SleepOut event inside to raise awareness and £1,941.75 of funds for St Basils! 

This sort of inside event is more suitable for young children than taking part in one of our winter SleepOuts but can still be used to raise awareness of the issues. 

St Mary's staff followed the tips on our website for organising their event and plan to make it an annual occurence. 

St Basils Fundraising Officer Steve Rainbow said: 

"I'm absolutely staggered that St Mary's have managed to raise almost £2K by holding their own Satellite SleepOut inside, it's absolutely fantastic! Donations of this level will go a long way to helping our young residents back into education and training so they'll have a better chance of getting back on their feet. It looks like those taking part had a great night too!"

How to organise your own Satellite SleepOut

St Mary