Thanks for Christmas 2015 support!
19 JAN 2016

Huge thanks to our wonderful supporters!

Once again in the run up to Christmas we enjoyed tremendous support not just through donations of toiletries, gifts and starter packs through initiatives like the Birmingham Mail's #HomeAtChristmas campaign amongst others but financially too, meaning this money can go to whereever it's most needed which currently is towards our general Learning, Skills and Work programmes and tailored support to young residents.

Those who supported the Wassail at both Highbury Hall and the Crescent Theatre collections raised a grand total of £756.68 over the 5 nights which was fantastic!

We were assisted once again by wonderful local volunteers and students from Nottingham University Karnival to collect donations in Birmingham City Centre on Saturday 10th December raising a grand total of £1316.90!

Our stall at the German Market (Kindly donated by Wilmott Dixon) and selling a variety of items, many made by young people with expert assistance from colleagues in our Learning, Skills and Work team raised a whopping £1,437 which far exceeded our expectations, so thank you to everyone who volunteered or visited our stall during the 6 days we were there. Thanks also for the bikes that were donated and raffled off which added to this total.

Finally CBSO have long allowed us to invite our supporters to one night of their Festive Favourites concert and allowed us to collect on the doors on that night but additionally this year, the CBSO collected at all their Festive Favourites concerts for us and their own youth community choirs, spliting the donations 50:50 between the two charities and from this a staggering £4,279.05 has been raised just for St Basils! 

Thanks so much to everyone for this support!